Monday,27 February 2022

How to get noticed at your workplace ?


We often assume that our hard work speaks for itself, as it should! But sadly, that is not the case. In the fast-paced world that we live in, hardly anyone takes the time to pause and look up from their calendar to see what somebody else is doing. All that matters to anybody is results – or numbers. 

Be it as an individual employee or as a team; you must always be smart about where you spend your time and how you manage your work effectively to get the best outcomes for your company. But how do you get there? How do you stay on top of your work and get yourself noticed in the workplace? Read on to find out! 

Be vocal

Participate in discussions as much as you can, and keep sharing your opinion and ideas, as you add no value to the meeting with your silence. Make your opinion stand out by giving specific examples to prove your point. Ask questions, and show that you’re interested and attentive. 

Be vocal about your accomplishments as well. Use a daily task tracker or to-do list app and ensure to get everything done, so you can send in timely updates via e-mail, even when your boss doesn’t necessarily ask for it. 

It is also necessary to quantify your achievements because, at the end of the day, the numbers matter. Identify the key performance indicators of your project if they aren’t already defined. Make a habit of reviewing these KPIs with your manager on a timely basis so he always knows about your progress. KPI tracker tools come in very handy for this. 

Take on challenges

You must always look out for and seize opportunities to enhance your reputation and increase visibility. Prove that you are a high-performing employee by being ambitious, having a growth mindset, and showing eagerness to try new things. Use a time-tracking software and daily performance tracker to efficiently time your tasks. This will create room in your workday to take on new opportunities. 

You can then identify problems and find creative solutions that generate impact beyond your job description. More often than not, problems in the workflow of an organization can be spotted easily with a performance management system. You can be proactive and take new initiatives once you identify the pain points which are most likely to turn heads!

Welcome others’ inputs

Request feedback regularly. It allows you to discuss the specifics of your contributions with the team without seeming boastful and also makes your otherwise busy boss aware of your accomplishments.

Another way to receive some constructive criticism is by looking at your HR performance management report. Take a close look at where you can do better and devise a performance improvement plan – you can do this with the help of a performance management tool such as TrackHR

And oh, you could even ask your boss for recommendations on books or resources that can help you improve and enhance your skills to show that you’re up for learning. Let them see that you’re investing in upgrading your skillset.

Empower your co-workers

Recognizing and giving credit to others for their work can make you stand out and create a culture of recognition within your team. When you show yourself as a team player and focus on the performance management of the entire team rather than just your own, you will definitely be noticed a lot in the workplace.

You can do this by identifying key result areas(KRAs) that align with project goals as well as the organization’s objectives. Identify the roadblocks in reaching KRAs by analyzing findings from the daily task tracker. Having employee performance management reports handy can even help the team decide which areas to focus more on. Then a team performance management app can be used for KRA management so that everything runs smoothly.

With employee attendance tracking, payroll management and easy appraisal management, HRMS apps like Track HR also aid in keeping all employees content, and happy employees always give good results! 


It is imperative — now more than ever — to raise your visibility and promote your work and prove your worth to secure your future in the company. With that said, the first step to promoting your visibility is to stay on top of your daily tasks and goals. 

Keep up with your daily responsibilities than a project tracking tool like TrackHR. It is the best app for team management, task time tracking, attendance management, and a lot more! You can also find all work-related information from meetings, service requests and client orders to the training history of employees in your organization.

Having everything related to your company in one place is a boon to staying up-to-date with everything. A work management software such as TrackHR will make it simple for you and everybody in the organization to stay stress-free and give their best!