Sight - Your Workforce, Recognised

As a cutting-edge face recognition plugin integrated seamlessly within the TrackHr ecosystem, Sight by TrackHr redefines the way you manage your workforce.

Take the first step towards a more efficient, secure, and empowered workplace with Sight by TrackHr.


Experience the power of facial recognition technology and elevate your HR management to new heights with Sight by TrackHr.

Face recognition software

 Advanced Facial Recognition      Advanced Facial Recognition

Say goodbye to traditional time clock systems and embrace effortless authentication with facial recognition technology.

Seamless Integration Seamless Integration With TrackHr

Fully integrated with TrackHr’s robust HR management system, ensuring seamless data synchronization and centralized control.

Accurate Attendance Tracking Accurate Attendance Tracking

Eliminate discrepancies and ensure accurate recording of employee attendance, leading to improved payroll accuracy and compliance.

 Intuitive User Experience Intuitive User Experience

Designed with simplicity in mind, Sight by TrackHr offers a user-friendly interface that makes attendance tracking a breeze for both administrators and employees.

 Enhanced Organisation Security Enhanced Organisation Security

Safeguard your organization against unauthorized access and time theft with advanced biometric authentication.

Experience the future of workforce management with Sight by TrackHr.
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