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while busy gathering data on the company’s day-to-day operations?

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Elevate Performance with TrackHr: Your Business Performance Management System

With a growing business and expanding teams, the challenges to organize tasks and manage time to address wastefulness and inefficiencies also increase.

TrackHR solves all your business-related problems. Making it exceptionally easy to Monitor your Team and employees, Analyse your team’s performance automatically and Manage your Businesses Virtually from anywhere on a Real-Time Basis.

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With a unique blend of algorithms and cutting-edge technology, TrackHR offers a wide range of high-quality human resource management services to fulfil all of your business’s needs.

 GPS based Employee Attendance Tracking

With the help of Automatic GPS Attendance, get live notifications of every team member as they Check-In/Out, along with the site location, automating employee attendance.

To-Do List & Work Management System

TrackHR has built-in daily task tracking with due date and reminders, resulting in a demonstrable increase in team productivity with live project status.

  Automatic Salary Calculation

Work hours and overtime salary sheets are just a click away with automated attendance.

  Performance Management Tool

Keep track of individual employees’ performance with complete transparency and without bias, using only pure and accurate data for appraisal management.

  Privacy Assured Information Sharing Platform

A built-in messaging system allows you to easily share information while maintaining complete anonymity keeping managers upto date.

  Automatic Daily Work Reports

At a set time, send daily work reports, organisational reports, and automatic signals to all management and team leaders.

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TrackHR — One solution for ALL your problems.
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Frequently Asked Questions

TrackHR , Team Work management & performance tracker app, is a single platform for all the Human Resources in your organization, working interacting , communicating , measuring and analyzing all work related information from your daily operations like orders, service requests,team meetings, task statuses to your team members performance charts, attendance history, discipline , trainings undertaken, KRA & KPI records and many more. Give yourself and your Team a professional tool to stay updated and undistracted with all the things related to your organization, at all times.

TrackHR is compatible with all platforms ie. Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android making it very easy to onboard your whole team in a few steps.

TrackHR provides you with a host of features that no other HRMS Apps provide like Attendance tracking,location tracking, work management, performance management, appraisal management and much more all under one roof.

TrackHR is a simple and easily downloadable app with 3 steps of implementation which needs to be followed by the employee to get effective results.

Even less than the cost of mobile data of a user.

TrackHR is completely permission based application that can be suited as per your organizational policies. Information shared on TrackHR is protected and cannot be shared to other platforms without proper permissions from any device.

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