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About TrackHR

With a growing business and expanding teams, the challenges to manage work and analyse every minute to address wastefulness and inefficiencies also increase. TrackHR solves all your business-related problems. Making it exceptionally easy to Monitor your Team and employees, Analyse your team's performance automatically and Manage your Businesses Virtually from anywhere on a Real-Time Basis.

How to Register ?


Open TrackHR and verify your phone number using OTP.

Step - 2

Click on 'Create a new business'.

Step - 3

Fill the details of your organisation and click register.


TrackHR brings to you loads of top-level services to meet all your business-related need with a unique combination of algorithms and state of the art technology.

GPS based Attendance

Get live notification of every team member as they Check-In/Out, with the site location, with the help of Automatic GPS based Attendance.

Employee Performance Analysis

Keep in check the performance of individual employees with full transparency and no bias, based on pure and accurate data.

Daily Task (KRA) Tracking

TrackHR comes with inbuilt KRA tracking resulting in visible increasing productivity of the team.

Privacy Assured Information Sharing Platform

In-build messaging system to share the information easily with complete and assured privacy.

Automatic Salary Calculation

With automatic attendance, work hours and overtime salary sheet is just a click away.

Automatic Daily Work Reports

Get daily work reports, organizational reports, and automatic signals to all the management and team leaders at a specific time.


The whole group on a single platform

As employees/colleagues register by scanning the manager's QR code, organisational charts start taking shape without any extra work. TrackHR hierarchy shows the organisational tree along with the live status of the employees with the following data of all employees:


In Field

Working from Home


Geo-Location Attendance

A fast & safe way to mark your daily attendance

Any employee can Check-In/Out from inside the perimeter of the marked office area on TrackHR, enabling attendance based on Geo-Fence.
Check-In/Out can also be enabled for the employees outside of the office perimeter by marking In-Field or Work From Home. Every Check-In/Out generates a real-time notification to the manager along with the location of the employee.

Location Mapping

Tracking daily travel routes and timeline, simplified

Know the whereabouts of your Team at all times, to maintain security & efficiency. Boost logistics efficiency of your business by analysing & planning better routes for field force Save on costs by automating travel allowance monitoring & analysing daily logs to optimise travel routes and plans. Put travel target & limit alerts to notify management on a real-time basis, to reduce communication delay and recurring management costs.


Never miss any deadline or important information again

Get Automatic Reminders for your tasks and deadlines to stay Focused and On-Schedule. Focus more on your work as Automatic Reminders are up for that job and will keep the team in sync with the schedule, reducing the management and chase up efforts. Reminder Service auto schedules reminders for:

  • Due Dates of Scheduled Tasks
  • Meeting Alert (5 minute prior to Scheduled time)
  • Daily Shift Check-In and Check-Out time alert
  • Planned routine activity alerts


Keep a log of your routine checklist tasks with easily

'Activity' lets your team create a list of routine tasks and define KRAs, along with their time logs. Create, Record & Review all the KRAs of self and team - all on the same platform.
Setting up and reviewing the execution plan of KRAs made simple and easy so that you focus on the right things.

Performance Matrix

Find the areas you are lacking in to grow yourself and your team

Real-Time Score Matrix of every employee, based on everyday tasks and plans, to always stay updated on your performance. Scoring Chart reflecting performance in segregated areas like:

  • Work Time Utilisation Score
  • Routine Activity Score
  • Task Completion & Delay Score
  • Daily Attendance Score
  • And many more..

Accurate and On-Time scoring analysis of each area gives you a better view of the key focus areas and improvement opportunities to lead the way for your team and organisation.

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TrackHR brings to you loads of top-notch services to meet all your business-related needs with a unique blend of algorithms and state of the art technology.

This is a good way to organize people and see the production details step by step on the tips from the phone(android as well as ios and even web based)

Dhairya Raj Nangia- R&D Engineer Encoders India

I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys do a really good job. I'm glad I decided to use this app. It's really great how easy it is to track our performance and manage it

Vaishali Singh - IT Adm. Arvind Engineering Group

For any organization's growth, the key is it's Team efficiency. TrackHr has provided us all the tools to increase it.

Prateek Gupta - Director Group Arvind

I have been using trackhr for almost 7 months now. Its a great tool not only for the organisation but also for one's own working. Here I can track my subordinate's performance and also can keep a track of job costings.

Dhruv Raj Nangia - Head Marketing Encoders India

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