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Monday, 13 June 2022

Five Wonderful Steps in Appraisal Management


 What is performance management?

Performance Management is a continuous devotion to improve employee’s performance and engagement in line with your company goals, values, and business goals. This procedure boosts company performance by maximizing individual performance through goal setting, collaboration and feedback. Team performance management means the extent of which a team is skilled to meet its output goals such as quality, functionality and reliability of outputs. It is an endless process of enhancing performance by establishing individual and team goals, which are aligned to the strategic goal of the company. Team performance management is important for the production, profitability and progress within the department of the company. Measuring and boosting team performance over time can help improve positive aspect of your team and remove the negative elements. Team management can help your department continuously improve its process over time. Team performance management implicates returning to activities not only to evaluate how the team can perform them better, but also how each part of the team reacts to the goal, including leaders.

Five Wonderful Steps in Appraisal Management

Why team performance management is important?

It builds improvement; this process is crucial because it helps build development in nearly every aspect of team. It helps to enhance the member of the team individually and improve their goals, standards and margin of errors in work. It helps to improve the rate at which a team works. Encourages teamwork; team performance management helps to improve teamwork.   tactics involve like creating multiple teams are not as familiar as others. Creating team’s, even in a department where teams are not as common as others. It motivate teamwork and building good relations in the team. Monitors progress; this process allows the department mangers to evaluate progress with focused objective, facilitating more focus toward team evaluation instead than organizing goals independently.

On the contrary, appraisal management is also a formal review of the employee’s job performance and across-the-board contribution towards the company. It also known as the annual review, performance review and evaluation. Appraisal management is a process of evaluating and reported how well an employee is doing his jobs. It is a part of performance management system.

Five step in the process of appraisal management: 

  • First step is establishing performance standard; in this step, the manger specifies what output, skills and achievements will be evaluated. Therefore, all the employees should clear and easily understand this step.
  • Second step is to convey the performance expected; mere communicating the expectation by the manager is not a two way communication, the feedback from the employees about the understanding of the information must be obtained.
  • Third step in appraisal management is measurement of substantial performance; the actual performance of the employee is measured in terms of static report, oral report, and observation.
  • Fourth step is to correlate the actual performance with the company standard; so there must be a discussion with the employees about the appraisal which stimulate employees to know their strength and weaknesses.
  • Fifth step is taking corrective actions; this step is also called putting out fire as in this step, steps are taken to enhance the performance of the employees such as training, coaching and counselling. This is the final step in appraisal management.
In the end there is a saying by Zig Ziglar – “Research indicates that workers have three prime needs: interesting work, recognition for doing job and being let in on things that are going on in the company”.